Chah based Silvi-pastoral system

Guinea, napier (Panicum polystachion) dinanath and orchard grasses are suitable grass species which can successfully be grown with tree species Chah (Acacia lenticularis) planted at a spacing of 8 m x 2 m with yield recovery of 80 % (upto 6 years). Under a 6-year-old plantation of chah, guinea, napier and dinanath may produce maximum dry matter (27.6, 21.6 and 14.5 t ha -1) and crude protein yield (3.5, 2.0, 1.0 t ha-1) when they will be cut at 60 days interval, whereas orchard grass may produce dry matter (5.0 t ha-1) and crude protein yield (0.7 t ha-1) at 40 days of cutting intervals