Lord Curzon laid the foundation stone for the Agricultural Research Institute on April 1, 1905. The Viceroy stated in his speech that the seed he planted will soon blossom, transforming Pusa into a hub of agricultural activities, research, and education. Not only would Bihar and Bengal benefit, but the entire country as a whole, attracting the best talent in India and abroad. By 1907-08, this fine-grained edifice had been built, housing Botany, Chemistry, Mycology, Entomology, and a Library. Several renowned England scientists arrived, including an imperial agriculturist and an imperial economic botanist, and there was concern about starting college.

According to the original proposal (1903-Pusa Scheme), the experts were assisted in their teaching by a number of junior teachers, instructors, field overseers, etc. Meanwhile, shortly after Lord Curzon’s departure, and with the active support of the government of India’s educational advisor, the proposal to establish four agricultural colleges in Sabour (Bihar), Nagpur (Central Provinces), Coimbatore (Madras), and Lyallpur (Punjab, now in Pakistan) was approved. This transformed the original concept of undergraduate education in Pusa into a postgraduate studies institute with two-year postgraduate diploma courses in four disciplines and a one-year agriculture programme (later changed to two years).

In 1908-09, the first batch of students admitted for Licentiates in Agriculture (L.Ags) and university graduates in science. In 1907, the educational advisor hoped that Pusa would become a centre of excellence in agricultural research and education, eventually becoming an agricultural university. Surprisingly, his vision was realised a few years later in Pusa with the establishment of the Rajendra Agricultural University (RAU), which began offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of disciplines.

Dr. Albert Howard and his wife Gabrielle worked on wheat and revolutionized the age-old wheat cultivation especially in the large rainfed tracts of Bihar and U.P.S.J.F. Shaw also evolved many varieties in other crops. Some of the best selections of Rice, chilles, tobacco, linseed, mustard, pulses, and vegetables benefited both the planters and the farmers. Research on the taxonomy, ecology and control of insect pests by H.M. Lefroy, T.B. Fletcher and H.S. Pruthi. On plants pathogens by E. J. Butler, W.M. Macrae, M. Mitra and B.B. Mundkur and on bacteriology by W.M. Hutchinson will ever remain as classical accomplishments. A special mention must be made of the monumental contributions of Dr. J.W. leather on manuring of corps, water requirements of plants, drainage studies in Bihar and reclamation of Saline-Alkai Soils.

Ironically, after the devastating Bihar earthquake in January 1934, the Imperial Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) relocated to New Delhi in 1935 and began operations at the end of 1936. Later, the Pusa estate has undergone a series of changes since its purchase by the Government of Bihar with the dawn of independence, and today several institutions are located here, including the sugarcane research institute, which is the major scientific organization at Pusa and one of the largest centers of sugarcane research in the country.

On August 18, 1960, the first chief minister of Bihar, Late Dr. Sri Krishna Singh, laid the foundation stone for Thirut College of Agriculture (TCA), Dholi in the district of Muzaffarpur. After the establishment of Rajendra Agriculture University (RAU) on December 3rd, 1970, TCA, Dholi awards B.Sc. (Ag.) degrees. Degrees were awarded by Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, between 1963 and 1971. The Post Graduate Programme at first existed in the TCA, Dholi during the period of 1974-1979. Later the PG Programme was shifted to Pusa campus of RAU.

Simultaneously, the Faculty of Agriculture was established on December 3rd, 1970. RAU upgraded into Central Agricultural University with effect from October 07th, 2016 as Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University (RPCAU). On August 17th, 2018, the Academic Council of RPCAU, Pusa unanimously recommended approval of the notification of the Post Graduate College of Agriculture (PGCA), RPCAU, Pusa. PG College of Agriculture at Pusa currently consists of ten departments viz. Department of Agronomy, Agril. Economics, Extension Education, Entomology, Forestry, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Plant Pathology & Nematology, Seedsciecne and technology and Soil Science. These departments are imparting education to M.Sc. (Ag.) and   Ph.D. students in different disciplines of Agriculture. Besides, research on different aspects of agriculture and extension activities is being conducted by scientists.  Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff guides the students with a total focus in achieving set targets. Extended academic support by classroom discussion, group discussion, seminars, series tests and examinations are our priorities. The faculty also focuses on strategic and applied research for developing technologies to enhance the productivity and quality of agricultural produce.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To impart education in different branches of agriculture and allied fields.
  2. To undertake basic, strategic and applied research for developing technologies to enhance productivity and quality of agricultural and animal produce.
  3. To disseminate scientific information to farmers.
  4. To plan, organize and conduct on campus and off campus training programmes for different functionaries and clientele in order to develop human resource capability in the field of agriculture.
  5. To help the state government in supplying breeder seeds towards production and multiplication of foundation and certified seeds.
  6. To provide consultancy services and expertise in the agriculture research and development to the industries, NGOs and others.
  7. To serve as a repository of national and international scientific information on various aspects of agricultural and animal production.

Agricultural Society

For smooth functioning and overall development of the students and as per decision taken in the monthly meeting of Post Graduate College of Agriculture on 07.01.2021, following societies are constituted:



Societies Name and Designation & Department Coordinators/Co-Coordinators
I Agricultural Society: To facilitate day to day activities of the College and to support and coordinate all societies as and when needed. Dr. Satish Kumar Singh, Assoc. Prof., PB&G Coordinator
Dr. Biswajit Pramanick, Asstt. Prof., Agronomy Co-coordinator
Dr. M. S. Sai Reddy, Asstt. Prof., Entomology Co-coordinator
Dr. S. P. Lal, Asstt. Prof., Extension Education Co-coordinator
2 Academic Society: To activate participation, supervision and coordination of all academic activities at faculty level. Dr. Nilanjaya, Asstt. Prof., PB&G Coordinator
Dr. Satya Prakash, Asstt. Prof., Extnsion Education Co-coordinator
Dr. R. K. Ranjan, Asstt. Prof., Pl. Path. & Nema. Co-coordinator
Dr. Pankaj Singh, Asstt. Prof., Soil Science Co-coordinator
Dr. Manoj Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Entomology Co-coordinator
Dr. Dharminder, Asstt. Prof., Agronomy Co-coordinator
Dr. Tulika Kumari, Asstt. Prof., Agril. Economics Co-coordinator
Dr. Niharika Kanth, Asstt. Prof., Horticulture Co-coordinator
Dr. Soibam Lanabir Singh, Asstt. Prof., Forestry Co-coordinator
3 Research Society: To support and guide the faculties for publication of research articles in high NAAS rated journal and to organize webinars etc. Dr. S. P. Sahoo,  Assoc. Prof.,  Entomology Coordinator
Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Asstt. Prof., Soil Science Co-coordinator
Dr. M. K. Singh, Asstt. Prof., PB&G Co-coordinator
Dr. Asliish Panda, Asstt. Prof., Horticulture Co-coordinator
Dr. Gangadhar Nanda, Asstt. Prof., Agronomy Co-coordinator
4 Sports Society: To select teams for all games and train the students to participate in different sports events at University and National level. Dr. Vipin Kumar, Asstt. Prof.,  Soil Science Coordinator
Dr. Nagendra Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Entomology Co-coordinator
Mr. Aman Tigga, Asstt. Prof., PB&G Co-coordinator
Dr. R. K. Meena, Asstt. Prof., Forestry Co-coordinator
5 Literary Society: To motivate students for participation in different event regarding literary at University and National level. Dr. Shankar Jha, Asstt. Prof., Soi1 Science Coordinator
Dr. Dinesh Rai, Asstt. Prof., Pl. Path. & Nema. Co-coordinator
Dr. S. N. Suman, Asstt. Prof., Soil Science Co-coordinator
Dr. Udit Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Horticulture Co-coordinator
Dr. Kaushal Kishor, Asstt. Prof., Agronomy Co-coordinator
6 Cultural Society: To prepare students for various cultural events and train them to participate in different events at University and National level. Dr. Nishi Keshri, Asstt. Prof., Pl. Path. & Nema. Coordinator
Dr. Dharminder, Asstt. Prof.,  Agronomy Co-coordinator
Dr. Kumari Sapna, Asstt. Prof., Agronomy Co-coordinator
Dr. Neeharika Kanth, Asstt. Prof., Horticulture Co-coordinator
Dr. Tulika Kumari, Asstt. Prof., Agril. Economics Co-coordinator

Photographs of student performances, PGCA, at Cultural events/sports events/Jhanki and Debate competitions held on various occasions

PG College of Agriculture secured third position in both Cultural event activity and Tableau/Jhanki activity on 26th January, 2020 (Republic Day Event) at RPCAU, Pusa    
PG College of Agriculture has won Intercollege volleyball championship and other events on 04-06th  March, 2021 in Annual games and sports meet at RPCAU, Pusa    
Ms. BHANITA BARUAH, Department of Extension Education, PG College of Agriculture, receiving 2nd Prize by Dr. K.M. Singh (Dean, PGCA) in Intercollege Elocution Competition on the topic “Contribution of Deshratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad for development of India including Agriculture” held on the occasion of birth anniversary of Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 3rd December 2019 and the golden Jubilee celebration year of the University.    


# Name Position Contact No. Email
   Dr. K.M.Singh, Ph.D. Professor & Dean 6287797110
Department of Agricultural Economics
1 Dr. D.K. Sinha Professor & Head 6287797184

2 Dr. R.R. Mishra Associate Professor 6205625881
3 Dr. Aniruddha Roy Associate Professor 9402134175
4 Dr. Tulika Kumari Assistant Professor 8368630431
Department of Agronomy
1 Dr. Devendra Singh Professor & Head 6287797185
2 Dr. D.K. Roy Professor 9430181071
3 Dr. S.K. Chaudhary Professor 9431834082
4 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jha Professor 9430804115
5 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Associate Professor 9007444727
6 Dr. Rajan Kumar Assistant Professor 9430800862
7 Dr. Dharminder Assistant Professor 8092308584
8 Dr. Kumari Sapna Assistant Professor 9798497550
9 Dr. Biswajit Pramanick Assistant Professor 8630795237
10 Sri Kaushal Kishor Assistant Professor 8987235645
Department of Entomology
1 Dr. Udayan Mukherjee Head & Professor 6287797186

2 Dr. Pushpa Singh Professor 9430560507
3 Dr. S.K. Sahoo Associate Professor 9872655270
4 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Associate Professor-cum-Senior Scientist 9430047740
5 Dr. Manoj Kumar Assistant Professor 9162736466
6 Dr. Md. Abbas Ahmad Assistant Professor 9431433706
7 Dr. M.K. Singh Assistant Professor 6203455508
8 Dr. Nagendra Kumar Assistant Professor 6201019031
9 Dr. M.S. Sai Reddy Assistant Professor 9346625239
10 Dr. Sunil Kumar Mandal Assistant Professor 9801686548
11 Dr. Surendra Prasad Assistant Professor 8271566051
Department of Extension Education
1 Dr. Bineeta Satpathy Associate Professor & Head 7978505027

2 Dr. Satya Prakash Assistant Professor 6207647397
3 Dr. S.P. Lal Assistant Professor 7876890810
Department of Forestry
1 Dr. D.K. Das Professor & Head 6287797188


2 Dr. R.K. Meena Assistant Professor 9929736634
3 Dr. S.L. Singh Assistant Professor 9402044741
Department of Horticulture
1 Dr. Udit Kumar Associate Professor-cum-Senior Scientist and Head 6287797190
2 Dr. Sudhir Das Associate Professor 9955294145
3 Dr. A.K. Panda Assistant Professor 9468356627
4 Dr. Neeharika Kanth Assistant Professor 9315506863
5 Dr.(Mrs) Roshni Agnihotri Assistant Professor-cum- Scientist 8091763166
6 Dr. Neeraj Assistant Professor 9431872865
Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
1 Dr. Sweta Mishra Professor & Head 898128548
2 Dr. S. K. Singh Associate Professor 7250209227
3 Dr. Nilanjaya Assistant Professor 6202843136
4 Dr. M. K. Singh Assistant Professor 7983312594
5 Mr. Aman Tigga Assistant Professor 7992380388
Department of Plant Pathology & Nematology
1  Dr. S.K. Singh Professor & Head 6287797191/ 9431883416
2 Dr. U.S. Singh Professor 9934727941
3 Dr. P.K. Jha Professor 7779947846
4 Dr. Nishi Keshari Assistant Professor 9123287966
5 Dr. R.K. Ranjan Assistant Professor 9934416674
6 Dr. Dinesh Rai Assistant Professor 7091855455
7 Dr. Meenakshi Dwivedi Assistant Professor 9625238220
Department of Seed Science and Technology
1 Dr. S.K. Singh  Head & Associate Professor  6287797192, 7250209227
2 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Associate Professor  8809435010
3 Dr. U. K. Singh Assistant Professor 9931956795
4 Dr. R. K. Mandal Assistant Professor-cum- Scientist 7257878992
5 Dr. Sumeet Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 9334792496
Department of Soil Science
1 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Professor & Head 6287797192
2 Dr. Ranjan Laik Professor 9934607124
3 Dr. Sanjay Tiwari Associate Professor 8051617450
4 Dr. A.K. Singh Assistant Professor 9934916951
5 Dr. S.K. Singh Assistant Professor 9431807104
6 Dr. Vipin Kumar Assistant Professor 9431841476
7 Dr. S.N. Suman Assistant Professor 7004345720
8 Dr. Shankar Jha Assistant Professor 9430259387
9 Dr. S.P. Singh Assistant Professor 9801781819
10 Dr. S.S. Prasad Assistant Professor 8294861811