Profile of Er. S. K. Nirala

Er. Sanjay Kumar Nirala
Assistant Professor
Soil & Water Engineering

  • B.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering: Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa.
  • M.Tech. in Water Resources Development and Management: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Research Area: Irrigation water Management, Micro – irrigation and Protected cultivation
  • Research Interest: Irrigation Water Management, Micro – irrigation and Protected cultivation.
  • Nirala, S. K., Panda, S. N., Billib, M. and Hollander, H.M. (2005). Sectoral planning of land and water resources in a large canal command in the sub-humid region of Eastern India. Jr. of Applied Irrigation Science.Vol. 40, No. 1, 115-135.
  • Nirala, S.K.(2011). Performance evaluation of bullock drawn multi crop inclined plate planter. International Journal of Agricultural Engineering Vol. 4(2): 193-199.
  • Nirala, S.K.; Kumar, R and Suresh, R. (2012). Evaluation of Crop Water Requirement and Variation in Pressure and Discharge at Laterals in High Density Pomegranate Orchard. Environment and ecology Vol. 30 (1): 206 – 210.
  • Rani, R; Nirala, S.K. and Suresh. R (2012) Effect of fertigation and mulch on yield of pointed gourd in calcareous soil of North Bihar. Environment and ecology Vol. 30(3).
  • Nirala, S.K (2010) Optimal allocation of land and water resources of the Hirakud command. Environment and Ecology Vol. 28 Number 3B page 2129 – 2135.
  • Suresh. R., Nirala, S.K., Prakash. O and Kumar, A. (2011) Fruit yield, quality and cracking of litchi fruits as influenced by sprinkling water on tree canopy by micro-sprinklers. Bihar Journal of Horticulture, Vol. I-2011, pp. 141-146.
  • Kumar, M., Nirala S.K., and Kumari, A. (2017).  Study of In-Situ Wetting Pattern of Drip Irrigation System under Different Emitter’s Discharge and Different soil. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Vol. 35 (4)   Page -1163-1169.
  • Nirala. S.K., Suresh, R and Kumar, S. (2018) Fertigation Effect on Carnation under Polyhouse in North Bihar Agro-climatic conditions” International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, Vol 7 (08).
  • Nirala, S.K. Roy S. K., Bhagat, S.K., and (2018). Evaluation of Probability Distribution Technique for Predication of Weekly Maximum Rainfall and Crop Planning for North Bihar. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, Vol 7 (09)

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