College of Community Science

College of Home Science in Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University was established in 1982 to foster the growth, development and well being of individual, families and communities in the State of Bihar through better education, research and transferring improved technologies related to better family living to rural and farm women. The College has five departments namely Foods & Nutrition, Family Resource Management, Textile and Apparel Designing, Human Development and Family Studies and Home Science Extension & Communication Management. All the departments  have well qualified faculty members with Ph.D. degree and multi-dimensional qualities. As per the ICAR’s Dean’s Committee recommendation the name of the degree programme and College was Changed. thus the college is now known as College of Community Science.

The College is located at Pusa (Dist-Samastipur) within the campus of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University popularly known as “Pusa Farm”. It is about 100 km from Patna, 18 km from Samastipur, 35 km from Muzaffarpur and 40 km from Darbhanga. The nearst railway station is ‘’Khudi Ram Bose Pusa (KRBP)’’.


 Undergraduate  Degree programme

The intake capacity at Undergraduate level is 50 students with Intermediate in Science  (Biology or Math).  At Under Graduate level emphasis has been given more on professional courses. The syllabus consists of CORE courses of 12 credit hours and Professional Elective of 50 credit hours in each department. One full semester is devoted for Rural Awareness Work Experience and Job Training.

Postgraduate  Programme

At present department of Foods & Nutrition, Home Science Extension and Communication Management and  Family Resource Management are  awarding the Post Graduate degree. A total of 60 credit hours are offered including  Major courses, Seminar and Dissertation/Thesis under Post Graduate Programme.


Extension activities are the major part of the Agricultural University System. Since the inception, the  College of Home Science is devoted and engaged actively in outreach programme in the villages by scriptwriting, demonstration, telecasting and broadcasting. Several Mahila Gosthis, training programmes for the development of rural women entrepreneurship organized in campus and off-campus of Dr RPCAU, Pusa to develop self-sustained village societies


Six months vocational training courses have been approved by the academic council in three departments for unemployed rural youth ( Girls & Boys) on :

  1. Fruits & Vegetable Preservation
  2. Entrepreneurship development & management in handicraft
  3. Handloom Weaving
  4. Apparel (fashion) Designing.



 The college has good rapport with the development departments and NGOs which helps in getting feed back  of field problems. This helps in re-orienting  the research  programme making it need based and problem oriented. The College has been selected by Deptt. of Women and Child Development, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India as Middle Level Training Centre under ICDS in the State of Bihar.  This centre has successfully organized several orientation, job training and inducition training programmes for Lady Supervisors & Anganwadi workers.

Well equipped Laboratories under different departments.

Name of the Laboratories available in the College of Home Science

Department of Home Science Extension & Communication Management

  • Projected Lab.
  • Non-projected Lab.

Department of Textile & Apparel Designing

  • Apparel Designing & Construction Lab.
  • Fibre Testing Lab.
  • Craft Lab.

Department of Family Resource Management

  • Ergonomics  & Furnishing Lab.
  • Equipment Testing Lab.

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

  • Nursery School Laboratory
  • Psychology Testing Laboratory

Department of Food & Nutrition

  • Food Lab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Sensory Evaluation Lab.


S.No. Name Designation Specialization Email Contact No.
1.  Dr. Meera Singh Dean College of Community Science 9430047725
2. Dr. Arti Sinha Professor Deptt. of Human Development and Family Studies 9430049668
3. Dr. Usha Singh Professor Deptt. of Food &Nutrition 9431897515
4. Dr. Shishir kala professor Deptt of Family Resource Management 9771036882
5. Dr. Punam kumari Professor Deptt. of Home Sc.Ext. and Comm. Management 8084140730
6. Dr. Sangeeta Deo Professor Deptt. of Textile and Apparel Designing 9934255866
7. Dr. Arunima Kumari Professor Deptt. of Home Sc.Ext. and Comm. Management 9934920424
8. Dr. Mukul Sinha Associate Professor Deptt. of Food &Nutrition 9955985590
9. Dr. S.R.Sarkar Associate Professor Deptt. of Textile and Apparel Designing 9931640857
10. Dr. Veena Shahi Associate Professor Deptt. of Human Development and Family Studies 8709197387
11. Mrs. Kumari Shipra Assistant Professor Deptt. of Home Sc.Ext. and Comm. Management   9473248034
12. Dr. Geetanjali Choudhary Assistant Professor Deptt. of Food &Nutrition 9801011596
13. Mrs. Gayatri Assistant Professor Deptt. of Textile and Apparel Designing   9458940774


  • Teaching and research sector.
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendras.
  • Mass Media Officer, Lady Extension Officer, Journalist.
  • Training and HRD Manager.
  • Child Development Project Officer, Supervisor in ICDS, Public Relation Officer.
  • Dietician in Hospital & Hostel Food Analyst, Nutritionist.
  • Apparel Designer in Fashion Industry, Textile Quality Tester in Garment Export Houses and in knitting industries, Textile Designer.
  • Interior Designer in Hotels, Hospitals and National Companies.
  • Director, Supervisor of Day Care Centres and Child Guidance and family Centre.
  • Can established own enterprises.
Extra-curricular activities