Research Projects in Operation

ICAR Research Projects


S.No. Name of the Project Principal Investigator
1. A.I.C.R.P. on Honeybee & Pollinators Dr. Neeraj Kumar,
2. A.I.C.R.P. on  Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Betelvine Dr. P.K. Jha,
3. A.I.C.R.P. on Soil Testing Response Correlation (STCR) Dr. M. P. Singh,
4. A.I.C.R.P. on Micro & Secondary Nutrients & Pollutant Elements in Soils & Plants (MNS) Dr. Ranjan Laik,
5. A.I.C.R.P. on Rice Improvement Dr. A. K. Mishra,
6. A.I.C.R.P. on Agroforestry Dr. D.K. Das,
7. A.I.C.R.P. on Agro-Meteorology Dr. Abdus Sattar,
8. A.I.C.R.P. on Irrigation Water Management Dr. S. K. Jain,
9. A.I.C.R.P. on Fruits Dr. S. K. Singh,
10. A.I.C.R.P. on Floriculture Dr. A.K. Singh,
11. A.I.C.R.P. on Vegetable crops Dr. Udit Kumar,
12. A.I.C.R.P. on Sugarcane Dr. S.K. Thakur,
13. A.I.C.R.P. on  Post Harvest Technology Dr. M. Shrivastava,
14. A.I.C.R.P. on Farm Implements & Machinery (FIM) Dr. P. K. Pranav,
15. AINP Biofertilizer Dr. M.N. Jha,
16. A.I.C.R.P. on Mushroom Dr. Daya Ram,
17. A.I.C.R.P. on Oil Palm, Madhopur Dr. Satish Chandra Narain,
18. A.I.C.R.P. on Breeder Seed Production Dr. Ravikant,
19. A.I.C.R.P. on Seed Technology Research Dr. S.K. Varshney,
20. A.I.C.R.P. on Spices Dr. A. K. Mishra,
21. A.I.C.R.P. on Potato Dr. L.M. Yadav,
22. A.I.C.R.P. on Small Millet Dr.S. K. Singh,
23. A.I.C.R.P. on Rapeeed & Mustard Dr. Anil Pandey,
24. A.I.C.R.P. on Sunflower Dr. Phool Chand,
25. A.I.C.R.P. on Tuber Crop Dr. P.P. Singh,
26. A.I.C.R.P. on Maize Dr. Anil Pandey,
27. A.I.C.R.P. on  Pigeonpea Dr. D. Singh,
28. A.I.C.R.P. on Chickpea Dr. D. Singh,
29. A.I.C.R.P. on MULLaRP Dr. D. Singh,
30. A.I.C.R.P. on Onion & Garlic Dr. L.M. Yadav,
31. A.I.C.R.P. on Wheat (Voluntary Centre) Dr. D. K. Roy
32. A.I.C.R.P. on Linseed (Voluntary Centre) Dr. Anil Pandey
33. A.I.C.R.P. on Sesamum (Voluntary Centre) Dr. U. K. Singh
34. A.I.C.R.P. on Soyabean (Voluntary Centre) Dr. Anil Pandey
35. A.I.C.R.P. on MULLaRP-Nematodes (Voluntary Centre) Dr. K. N. Pathak


Projects Funded by International Organizations

S.No. Name of the project Year of Start Name of P.I. Sponsoring Agency
 1 Development of heat tolerant high yielding & climate-resilent wheat cultivars by utilizing genomics, molecular and physiological information and resources 2016 Dr. Rajeev Kumar USAID
 2 Assessment and Prevention of Post Harvest Losses in Wheat & Maize in selected districts of Bihar 2014 Er. Vishal Kumar UIUC

Projects Sponsored by Govt. of India

S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I. Year of Start
 1 Precision Farming Development Centre Dr.Ram Suresh,
2 National Horticulture Mission (CCS, Spices)  Dr. S. P. Singh  2001
3 Forecasting Agricultural Output using  Space, Agrometeorology and Land Based Observation (FASAL) Dr. Abdus Sattar
4 Genome wide association mapping and pyramiding of QTLS for improvment of rice yield in Eastern India Dr. N. K. Singh 2014
5 Agro-meteorology Advisory Services Dr. Abdus Sattar
6 Consortium Research Platform (CRP) on sustainable biodiversity Dr. N. K. Singh 2015
7 National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture. Dr. Abdus Sattar
8 Detection of allele other than sub-1 for submergence tolerance in mutant lines of rice using SSR molecular markers. Dr. Rajesh Kumar,
9 Mutant plant-type development with early maturity and thermo-tolerance in Indian mustard for early-sown condition Dr. Anil Pandey,
10 Study of rice yield under low light intensity using genomic approaches Dr. N. K. Singh 2015
11 Improvement of mungbean (Vigna radiate L.) Wilczek in resistance to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus (MYMV) Dr. Sangita Sahni 2016

Projects Funded by Govt. of Bihar


S. No. Project Title Principal Investigator
1. Soil Testing Campaign in Kosi Flood affected area Dr. Shankar Jha
2. State Co-ordinated Varietal Testing under quality seed production in Bihar Dr. N. K. Singh
3. Farm Implements testing Centre (RKVY) Er. Manoranjan Kumar
4. Improvement/ Development of Poultry Farm at APRI, Pusa into a model instructional Poultry Unit (RKVY) Dr. Pramod Kumar

University Funded Research Projects

S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I. Year of Start Project Duration
1 Evaluation of Effects of Hydrogel application on soil properties in relation to water retentivity. Dr. R. K. Sahu,
2014 3 yrs.
2 Assessment of the variability spectrum of Helminthosporium oryzae isolates and their holistic management. Dr. Bimla Rai,
2014 3 yrs.
3 Utilization of qualitative diversity of Trichoderma for management of soil borne pathogens of major vegetable crops in Bihar. Dr. P.K. Jha,
2014 3yrs.
4 Application of ohmic heating of food processing. Er. Vishal Kumar,
2014 2 yrs.
5 Development of floating Solar Photovoltaic Pumping System for irrigation to diara/ dhab lands of Bihar Dr. S. K. Jain,

2016 3 yrs.
6 Design & Evaluation of Drainage cum Recharge Structure Dr. Ravish Chandra 2016 3 yrs
7 Effect of enzyme pretreatment on Eco-friendly natural dyeing Dr. Sangita Deo 2017 3 yrs
8 Effect of irrigation and nutrient management practices on the performance of different maize based inter croppings Dr. Mritunjay Kumar 2017 3 yrs
9 Formulation and evaluation of liquid inoculants on pulse productivity and soil health Dr. Geeta Kumari 2017 3 yrs
10 Design and development of portable irrigation system cum sprayer for the small and marginal farmers Dr. S. K. Jain

2017 3 years
11 Development of automated surface irrigation outlet Dr. Ravish Chandra 2017 2 years
12 Study culture and propagation technique of fresh water prawn “Macro brachium dayanutm” (Henderson) Dr. Poonam Prakash 2014  3 years
13 Ergonomic assessment of home farm and allied activities performed by women development of innovative women friendly tools Dr. Shishir Kala  2016  3 years
14 Impact of organic farming on soil carbon sequestration, soil health and sugarcane productivity in calcareous soil of Bihar Dr. S. K. Thakur  2016  3 years
15 Improving input use efficiency in rice production Dr. S. K. Choudhary 2016  3 years
16 Status of bacterial wilt disease in solanaceous crop and their eco-friendly management under Bihar agro-climatic conditions Dr. R. K. Ranjan 2016  3 years
17 Exogenous application of plant growth regulators & antioxidants to improve the terminal heats tolerance of wheat cultivars grown in Bihar Dr. Shailesh Kumar  2016  3 years
18 Selection & promotion of Trichoderma for crop improvement under sustainable agriculture Dr. Dinesh Rai 2017 3 years
19 Evaluation of microbial consortium on seed germination, plant growth promoting attributes & biocontrol potential against important diseases of mungbean Dr. Sangita Sahni 2017 3 years
20 Challenged feeding in diara buffalo to get maximum potential yield in terms of Lipid and SnF content Dr. Pramod Kumar 2017 3 years
21 Assessment of soil carbon stock and nutrients status of orchard in Agro-climatic Zone – I of Bihar Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh 2017 3 years
22 Popularization of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium reosenbergii (dee Man) farming Dr. Poonam Prakash 2017 3 years
23 Participatory action research for enhancing productivity through vermicompost technology dissemination of field and horticultural crops in North Bihar Dr. Satya Prakash 2017 3 years
24 Population dynamics and biomanagement of mycophagus nematodes of mushroom by Ficto composticloa and its culturing and survival studies Dr. Nishi Keshari 2017 3 years
25 Development of hybrid rice for Bihar Dr. V. K. Sharma 2017 3 years
26 Development of self reliant banana farming module for Bihar Dr. R. C. Yadav 2017 3 years
27 Boron fertilization 0n yield and quality of sugarcane plant-ratoon system in calcareous soils of Bihar Dr. C. K. Jha 2018 4 years