College of Agricultural Engineering

The Agricultural Engineering discipline aims to support the agriculture section in developing its agricultural production in a wider prospective.  The College of Agricultural Engineering (CAE) came into existence under this University on 7th Dec. 1983 to give the much needed impetus for agricultural development in the state through education, research and transfer of technologies related to agricultural engineering. The College of Agricultural Engineering is producing good number of trained agricultural engineers to support and maintain the pace of agricultural development in the state.

The major area of teaching and research in the field of agricultural engineering discipline has taken the shape of department.  The college has following three departments.

  • Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
  • Processing & Food Engineering
  • Soil & Water Engineering


The College of Agricultural Engineering, Pusa offers B.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering) degree programme of four years duration and M. Tech. degree programme of two years duration in three disciplines viz; Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, Soil and Water Engineering and Processing & Food Engineering.  The college follows a nationally accepted syllabus approved by ICAR both at UG and PG levels.

The students get opportunity to develop skill on software development through Spoken-Tutorial (an initiative of IIT Bombay as part of National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology).


Admission in B. Tech. (Ag. Engg) & M. Tech. programmes is done through competitive examination conducted by ICAR, New Delhi.


The College has operated and successfully completed several externally and internally funded research projects.  At present following projects are operative.

  • AICRP on Irrigation Water Management (inter disciplinary)
  • AICRP on Post Harvest Engineering & Technology
  • GOI funded Precision Farming Development Centre.
  • AICRP on Farm Implements & Machinery
  • Farm Machinery Testing
  • Farm Machinery Bank
  • UICA, USA-Dr.RPCAU collaborative project on “Assessment & Prevention of Post Harvest Losses (APPHL)”
  • University funded research project on “Exploration/Upliftment of livelihood through mechanized processing of Bamboo for Rural Entrepreneurship in Bihar”

Training on post harvest primary processing and value addition

The Department of Processing & Food Engineering under AICRP on Post Harvest Technology conducted one day training-cum-awareness program on post harvest primary processing and value addition on 04.09.2014 and 11.10.2014. The participants were educated through lectures and live demonstration in Mini Dal Mill, Mini Dal cleaner machine and all equipment of Agro Processing Center of the department.



All the departments are well equipped with modern laboratories.  In addition the college has computer center with free access to internet, Students workshop, Library, GIS Lab. and a Training Cell.

Computer Laboratory Well equipped computer laboratory with Latest Desktop Computers (Windows 10) and internet access are available for the students.
Farm Machinery Laboratory The Farm Machinery laboratory of the college is well equipped with modern energy-efficient farm machines like combine harvester, reapers, reaper binder, bed planting machine, rice-transplanter, drum seeder, Zero till drill, Straw harvester and all kinds of machines required for different farm operations.
Farm Power Lab The lab has facility for exposing the students to tractors, engines and their systems.  The lab contains cut sections and models for various tractors and engine and their system such as crank arrangement, valve system, lubrication system, fuel system, gear system, hydraulic system etc.
 Energy Park An Energy Park, in collaboration with the Ministry of New Energy sources, Govt. of India has been established at the college with the objectives to demonstrate and provide technical know-how to the local people and students about renewable energy gadgets.
Material Testing Lab This lab is well equipped with equipment like Universal Testing Machine, Fatigue, Impact, Torsion & Hardness testing machines to evaluate the strength & properties of different materials.
 Soil Mechanics Lab Soil mechanics lab is one of the oldest lab of the college.  This lab is essential as soil possess a variety of physical properties most of which are not constant.  Soil mechanics lab is well equipped with all equipments required for identification and classification of soils.
Theory of Machines Lab The lab is equipped with working models of Gyroscope, Governors, Creep Testing, Gear Train, Vibration apparatus, Cam Apparatus etc.
Processing and Food Engineering Lab The Processing and food Engineering laboratory is well equipped with various kinds of modern equipments for the training of UG and PG students. Some of the equipments are Hunter Colour Lab, Textural Analyzer, Fruit Grader etc.
Agro-Processing Center It is equipped with different Agro-Processing machines/equipment for teaching, research and trainging/demonstration purpose like Mini Dal Mill with precleaner/grader, seed processing machines, papad making machine set, Oil expeller, Maize sheller etc.
Agricultural Product Processing Lab This lab is equipped with modern equipment/machines like Twin screw food extruder, spray dryer, litchi peeling machine, STR dryer, Turmeric polisher etc.
AICRP on PHE Lab Equipments/machines purchased under AICRP on PHET have been placed in this laboratory.
Irrigation Laboratory A laboratory with models of almost all the irrigation, drainage, sewage disposal structures is available which provides a means for effective training of the students.
Hydraulics Lab It is one of the important labs for UG and PG practicals.  This lab is well equipped with a number of experimental setups for understanding the theory of hydraulics.
Wells and Pumps Lab This laboratory is one of the oldest lab of the college.  Different parts of pumps and cut models of different pumps are displayed for practicals.

More than 426 students have been honoured with B. Tech. degree and about 50 students have been awarded M.Tech. degrees in Agricultural Engineering by this college.  Our students have made history in several fields.  Most of our alumni are well placed in government as well as private sector organizations within India and abroad.

The students of this college are getting high ranks in all India level competitive examinations like GATE, IIM, IRMA, ICAR-JRF, IFS & leading financial institutions and Banks.  Many times the students have secured 1st rank on all India basis in GATE.

  The students of this college are holding the flag of the college up and high in several institutions.  Some of them are :

  • Various top rated universities of USA, Japan, Germany, Thailand & other countries.
  • Indian Institutes of Technology
  • Indian Institutes of Management
  • Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal
  • Indian Rural Management Institute, Anand
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  • State Agricultural Universities


On campus interviews are arranged as far as possible for the final year graduating students. The students graduating from this college are holding responsible positions in academics, manufacturing concerns, government organizations, public sector undertakings, NGOs and other agro related industries.

The college has highly qualified and well-versed faculty (most of them are from top-rated institutions of the country) in all the disciplines.  A balanced mix of academicians & professionals constitutes to excellence and character of this institute.

Name  Position Discipline Email Phone
Dr. Ambrish Kumar, Ph.D. DEAN Irrigation & Drainage Engg.  
Dr. Ram Suresh Professor Soil & Water Engineering 9934832677
Dr. Mukesh Shrivastava  Professor Processing & Food Engg. 6203132402
Dr. (Mrs.) P.D. Sharma Professor Processing & Food Engg. 6203234473
Dr. S. K. Jain Professor Soil & Water Engineering 9430489408
Dr. S. P. Gupta Professor Soil & Water Engineering 9835242488
Er. Kranti Kumar Assoc. Prof. Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 9934296190
Dr. S. K. Patel Assoc. Prof. Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 9724206107
Dr. P. K. Pranav Assoc. Prof. Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 8131871910
Dr. Devendra Kumar Assoc. Prof. Processing & Food Engg. 9470832654
Dr. Ravish Chandra Assoc. Prof. Soil & Water Engineering 9431784140
Er. Subhash Chandra Asstt. Prof. Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 9431897510
Dr. Ram Kumar Sahu  Asstt. Prof. Soil & Water Engineering 7782019951
Er. Sanjay Kumar Nirala Asstt. Prof. Soil & Water Engineering 9931141220
Er. Vishal Kumar Asstt. Prof. Processing & Food Engg. 8709635031
Er. Sudarshan Prasad Asstt. Prof. Soil & Water Engineering 9123475773
Er. I. B. Bhagat Asstt. Prof. Soil & Water Engineering 9471644828
Er. Manoranjan Kumar Asstt. Prof. Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 9431041987
Er. Sanjay Kumar Asstt. Prof. Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 6202511890
Er. Dinesh Rajak Asstt. Prof. Processing & Food Engg. 8986038207
Er. Jaya Sinha Asstt. Prof Farm Machinery & Power Engg. 6206047381

Besides above faculty members, teachers of Basic Sciences & Agriculture Science also contribute to enrich the quality of teaching.

Farm Machinery Testing Center

The Farm Machinery Testing Center is running under the Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering. This Center is one of the FMTCs approved by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India in the direction of ensuring supply of quality agricultural machinery and equipment to the farmers. This centre acts as an important link between manufacturers and users of agricultural machines as well as other agencies responsible for the introduction and popularization of farm equipments. Read more