Research Projects

Research Projects in Operation

All India Coordinated Research Project

S.No. Name of the Project Principal Investigator
1. Rice Dr. Neelanjaya
2.  Maize Dr. Ajay Kumar
3. Small Millet Dr. Sweta Mishra
4. Breeder Seed Production Dr. Rajesh Kumar
5. Seed Technology Research Dr. Rajesh Kumar
6. Fruits Dr. S. K. Singh (P.P.)
7. Vegetable Crops Dr. Udit Kumar
8. Floriculture Dr. A. K. Singh
9. Pigeonpea Dr. I.B. Pandey
10. Chickpea Dr. Madhuri Arya
11. MULLaRP Dr. Ravi Kant
12. Rapeseed & Mustard Dr. Rajesh Kumar
13. Forage Crops & Utilization Dr. Nilanjaya
14. Potato Dr. Aman Tigga
15. Tuber Crops (Other than Potato) Dr. Ashish Narayan
16. Spices Dr. A.K. Mishra
17. Sugarcane Dr. D.N. Kamat
18. Agro forestry Dr. D. K .Das
19. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Betelvine Dr. Dinesh Rai
20. Honeybee & Pollinators Dr. Nagendra Kumar
21. Soil Testing Response Correlation (STCR) Dr. Sanjay Kr. Singh
22. Micro & Secondary Nutrients & Pollutant Elements in Soils & Plants (MNS) Dr. Santosh Kumar
23. Mushroom Dr. Dayaram
24. Agro meteorology Dr. A. Sattar
25. Irrigation Water Management Dr .S.P. Gupta
26. Farm Implements & Machinery Dr. P.K. Pranav
27.  Post Harvest Technology Dr. Devendra Kumar
28. Soil Biodiversity-Biofertilizer Dr. Aman Jaiswal
29. Nematodes in Agriculture Dr. Nishikeshri
30. Women in Agriculture Dr. Arunima Kumari
31. Wheat Dr. Satish Kr. Singh
32. Linseed Dr. B.K. Chaudhary
33. Sesamum Dr. U. K. Singh
34. Soyabean Dr. Rajesh Kumar
35. Sunflower Dr. K.L. Bhutia

Projects Funded by International Organizations

S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I.
 1. Accelerated Genetic Gains in Rice Dr. Rajesh Kumar,

Assoc. Prof., TCA, Dholi

2. Promotion of early childhood Nutrition Development in Aspirational Districts of Bihar Dr. Usha Singh,

Prof., CC Sc., Pusa

Projects Sponsored by Govt. of India

S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I.
1. Scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture through Mainstreaming Climate Smart Villages in Bihar (Patna-Nalanda corridor) Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jha,


2. Commercialization of Medicinal Mushroom Production Technology in Bihar Dr. Dayaram,

P.D.,  Mushroom

3. Crop Residue Based Nano- Industry: Dissemination of Mushroom Production Technology in Scheduled Cast Community of Bihar”. Dr. Dayaram,

P.D.,  Mushroom

4. Establishment Indigenous Cattle Conservation and Improvement Centre at Madhopur under Rastriya Gokul Mission Dr. R.K.Ashthana,

Asstt. Prof., APRI, Pusa

5. Establishment of Regional Centre for Excellence for Indigenous Breed (CoEIB) Dr. Pramod Kumar

Asstt. Prof., APRI, Pusa

6. Development of heat tolerant high yielding and climate resilient wheat cultivars by utilizing genomics, molecular and physiological information and resources Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of AB&MB, FBS&H, DRPCAU, Pusa
7. Characterization of Radiative and COR Fluxes over Rice-Wheat System Dr. A. Sattar,

Assoc. Prof.,  Agrometerology

8. Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva (GKMS) Dr. A. Sattar,

Assoc. Prof.,  Agrometerology

9. Forecasting Agricultural output using Space, Agrometeorology and Land based observations (FASAL) Dr. A. Sattar,

Assoc. Prof.,  Agrometerology

10. National Innovation on climate Resilient Agrriculture (NICRA) Dr. A. Sattar,

Assoc. Prof.,  Agrometerology

11. Evaluation of Medicinal plants for honey production round the year in Bihar Dr. Nagendra Kumar,

Asstt. Prof., Entomology

12. Effect of bee pollination on oilseeds and horticultural crops Dr. Neeraj Kumar,

Assoc. Prof., Entomology

13. Shoot transcriptome based understanding of molecular mechanism for Fusarium with resistance in Checkpea Dr. K.L. Bhutia, Assistant Professor,  AB & MB, RPCAU, Pusa
14. Deciphering the regulatory mechanism of essential oil biosynthesis in Curcuma longa Dr. Teikur Majaw, Assistant Professor, BPP & Biochemistry, RPCAU, Pusa
15. National  Surveillance  Programme for Aquatic Animal Disease Dr. R.K..Brahmchari,

Asstt. Prof., C.O.F., Dholi

Projects Funded by Govt. of Bihar

S. No. Project Title Principal Investigator
1. Scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture through Mainstreaming Climate Smart Villages in Bihar  (Darbhanga-Samastipur corridor) Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jha,


2. Climate Resilient Agriculture Progarmme Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jha,


3. Setting up of Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory Dr. Shivendra Kumar,

Assoc. Prof., COF, Dholi

4. River Ranching Programme Dr. Shivendra Kumar,

Assoc. Prof., COF, Dholi

5. Standardization of Seed Production Practices and Participatory Seed Production Program of Hybrid Paddy Dr. Ravikant,

Asstt. Prof., TCA, Dholi

6. Monitoring & advisory  services for  Sugarcane ( MAAS) Dr. C.K.Jha,

Prof.,, SRI, Pusa

University Funded Research Projects


S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I. Year of Start Project Duration
1 Impact of Bihar Krishi Road Map on livelihood Promotion of the Farmers and extent of linkage among collaborative departments Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal, Asstt. Prof. & Principal Investigator, Deptt. of Extension Education, Pusa & Dr. SatyaPrakash, Asstt. Prof. Co. P.I., Deptt. of Extension Education, RPCAU, Pusa.


03 Years 2019

Evaluation of Moringaoleifera Lam for green fodder production in Bihar.

Dr. Soibam Lanabir Singh, Asstt. Prof. & Principal Investigator, Deptt. of Forestry, Dr. Vijay Kumar Gond, Asstt. Prof. Co. P.I., Deptt. of APRI, RPCAU, Pusa


02 Years 2019
3 Fodder Seed Production Programme and Development of Fodder hub in University Farm Dr. Nilanjaya, Assistant Professor & PI, Deptt. of Plant Breeding, RPCAU, Pusa 03 Years 2019
4 Elucidating soil water dynamics & root growth under different land configuration & crop intensification Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Assoc. Professor, Deptt. of Agronomy, RPCAU, Pusa. 3 Years 2020
5 Enhancing yield potential through Plant Breeding in Summer Millet Dr. S. K. Singh,

Assoc. Professor, Deptt. of Plant Breeding & Genetics, RPCAU, Pusa


05 Years 2021
6 Development and Evaluation of model based integrated farming system zero budget Natural Farming and Organic Farming Dr. R.K. Jha, PD and

Professor, Deptt. of Agronomy, RPCAU, Pusa

04 Years 2021
7 Development of promising consortia of biological control agents  (fungal and bacterial) for management of Fusariumoxysporumf.sp. cubense Race TR4 causing Fusarium wilt of banana. Dr. Meenakshi Dwivedi,

Asstt. Prof.,

Deptt. of Plant Pathology


3 Years 2021
8 Impact assessment of technology developed by RPCAU, Pusa for income and employment generation Dr. Binita Satpathy

Assoc. Prof. (Ag. Extn.)


2 Years 2021
9 Exploring the Natural Farming for sustainable crop production, soil health improvement and livelihood security of the farmers. Dr. Shankar Jha, Professor & Head, Deptt. of Soil Science, Pusa 3 Years 2022
10 Evaluation of performance of finger millet genotyhpes in Summer under assured irrigation Dr. Shweta Mishra, Prof., Deptt. of PB&G 3 Year 2021
11 Planning and Development of Water positive zone for sustainable Aquifer management Dr. Ravish Chandra, Asstt. Professor, CAE, Pusa 03 Years 2020
12 Performance Evaluation of Rain-Pipe Irrigation under small & Marginal Farming System in Bihar. Er. Sudarshan Prasad

Asstt. Prof., CAE, Pusa

02 Years 2020
13 Development of refrigerated vegetable cart for small vegetable venders. Dr. S. K. PatelAssoc. Prof.

CAE, Pusa

02 Years 2021
14 Empowering Farmers towards sustainability through Innovative Irrigation and drainage options for Mokama Tal Area of Bihar. Dr. Ravish Chandra,

Assistant Professor, CAE, Pusa

3 Years 2021
15 Design and Development of Self –Propelled Automated Vegetable Transplanter Er. Jaya Sinha, Deptt. of FM & PW, CAE, Pusa.


3 Years 2021
16 Development for planter and Digger for “Taro” Crop.



Er. Subhash Chandra, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. of Farm Machinery & Power Engg., CAE, Pusa. 2 Year 2021
17 Identification and characterization of transporter gene families involved in mineral fortification in Oryza sativa. Ms. Sarita Kumari, Asstt. Prof. Principal Investigator.

Dr. V. K. Sharma, Assoc. Prof. Co. P.I. AB & MB.

03 Years 2019
18 Morpho-molecular evaluation for high yielding stress resilient wheat vis-à-vis agro-ecology of Bihar Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Assoc. Prof., AB&MB, RPCAU, Pusa 03 Years 2021
19 Developing climate resilent rice-wheat cropping system through enhancing heat and drought combination stress tolerance & Development of unique Field Based Plant Phenotyping facility. Dr. Rajeev Nayan Bahuguna, Asstt. Prof., Plant Physiology, CBS&H, RPCAU, Pusa 03 Years 2021
20 Evaluation of bioactivity of essential oils isolated from post harvested turmeric leaves as a potential pest control Dr. Teikur Majaw,

Asstt. Prof., Botany & Plant Physiology, FBS&H, Pusa

02 Years 2021
21 Development of white-grained finger milletragi (Eleusinecoracana L.) with enhanced nutrient content through induced mutations. Dr. Bishun Deo Prasad, Assoc. Prof., Deptt. of AB&MB, CBS&H, RPCAU, Pusa 3 Year 2021
22 Biostimulants mediated mitigation of abiotic stress in Chickpea. Dr. (Ms.) Kavita, Asstt. Prof. –cum-Scientist (Plant Physiology), CBS&H, Pusa. 2 Year 2021
23 Formulation of inexpensive media for mass production of microbial inoculants to improve soil health and pulse productivity. Dr. Geeta Kumari, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. ofMicrobiology, CBS&H, Pusa. 2 Year 2021
24 An Assessment of Food Diversity & Food Security of Agricultural Households of North Bihar. Dr. Nidhi, Asstt. Prof., CBS&H, Pusa 2 Year 2021
25 Identification of consortium of Vegetation for sustainable production of Medicinal Honey. Dr. Shailesh Kumar Asstt. Prof., CBS&H, Pusa 2 Year 2021
26 Development of early breeding lines and identification of candidate genes for earliness in lentil using genetics and genomics approaches Dr. Mahendar Thudi, Assoc. Prof., Deptt. of AB&MB, CBS&H, Pusa 3 Year 2021
27 Mutation Breeding of Sunflower (Hellanthusannuus) for Biotic &Abioti Stress Resistance and Yield Attributing Traits. Mr. Karma Landup Bhutia, Asstt. Prof. Cum-Scientist (Bio0technology), Deptt. of Plant Breeding & Genetics, TCA,Dholi. 03 Years 2019
28 Isolation and characterization of essential oils from leaves of different varieties of Curcuma longa cultivated in Bihar. Dr. Teikur Majaw, Asstt. Prof. & Principal investigator, Deptt. of Biochemistry, FBS & H.,RPCAU, Pusa. Dr. C. Mukhim, Asstt. Prof. Co. P.I., Deptt. of Horticulture, TCA,Dholi.


02 Years 2019
29 Holistic Banana product bi-product utilization scheme for North Bihar Dr. Sangita Deo, Project Director, Advance Centre of Research on Wealth from Waste, RPCAU, Pusa 03 Years 2021
30 Development and Evaluation of Value Added Baked Products from Cereals and Millets. Dr. Gitanjali Chaudhary, Asstt. mProf., Centre of Excellence on Food Processing 2 Year 2021
31 Faunal Diversity and Standardization of Breeding Techniques of selected Ornamental Fish species, North-Bihar, India Mr. Roshan Kumar Ram, Asstt. Prof. & Principal investigator, Deptt. of Fisheries Resource Management & Dr. Shivendra Kumar, Assoc. Prof. College of Fisheries, Dholi, Muzaffarpur.


03 Years 2019
32 Potential of Banana inflorescence as dietary ingredient for Labeorohita juveniles. Dr. Shivendra Kumar

Assoc. Prof., COF, Dholi

02 Years 2021
33 Bio-Floc Technology Exploring Production Optimization of High value fish and their economic viability Dr. Shivendra Kumar

Assoc. Professor

COF, Dholi

2 Years 2021
34 Collection conservation, evaluation and maintenance of different turfgrass genotypes, species and accessions for different abiotic stress conditions. Mrs. Roshni Agnihotri, Asstt. Prof. Principal Investigator &

Dr. S.S. Prasad, Asstt. Prof. Co. P.I., T.C.A., Dholi

03 Years 2019
35 Introduction to permaculture in dhab area for sustainable livelihood. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Meena, Asstt. Prof. & Principal Investigator. (P.I.) & Dr. S. L. Singh, Asstt. Prof. Co. P.I., Deptt. of Forestry, RPCAU, Pusa 05 Years 2019
36 Collection Characterization and evaluation of Indigenous Papaya germplasm Dr. A. K Panda, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. of  Horticulture, RPCAU, Pusa



03 Years 2020
37 Long Term waste water irrigation study on growth, biomass, primary productivity and water use by plantations in Dhab land of Bihar. Dr. D. K. Das, Professor, Deptt. of Forestry, RPCAU, Pusa


10 Years 2021
38 Collection, characteriazation and evaluation of Ivy gourd and spine gord. Dr. (Mrs.) Pramila, Asstt. Prof. (Horticulture) 6 Year 2021
39 Value Chain Analysis of Small Millets in Khagaria, Samastipur and Bhagalpur Districts of Bihar. Dr. Andukuri Raj Sharvanthi, Asstt. Prof., SAB&RM, RPCAU, Pusa 02 Years 2020
40 Optimizing Farm Plant through Linier programming model for Kusiari village of Samastipur district Mrs. Tulika Kumar

Asstt. Prof., SAB& RM, RPCAU, Pusa.

03 Years. 2021
41 Understanding the bottlenecks and effects of nudging in crop residue management: Evidence from randomized control trial. Dr. Ram Datt.

Assoc. Prof.-

Rural Management (SARM), Pusa


2 Years 2021
42 Performance Analysis of Farmer Producer Organizations in Bihar. Dr. Ritambhara Singh,

Assoc. Prof. SABRM, Pusa


3 Years 2021
43 A Behavioural Approach for Analysing Agricultural Investment Decision Making in Samastipur District. Ms. Rashmi Sinha, Asstt. Prof., SA&RM 2 Year 2021
44 Nutritional and Reproduction health management to control infertility in cattle and to increase Milk production.


Dr. R. K. Asthana, Asstt. Prof.,  and Dr. Pramod Kumar, APRI, RPCAU, Pusa 03 Years 2020
45 Boron fertilization on yield and quality of sugarcane plant-ratoon system in calcareous soils of Bihar Dr. C. K. Jha,
Asstt. Prof. SRI Pusa
04 years 2019
46 Enhancing productivity, economic security and employment generation through sugarcane based crop and product diversification for making a farmers self-reliant Dr. A. K. Singh, Director, SRI, Pusa 04 Years 2021
47 Developing Sugarcane based integrated Farming System Models for Small Farm holders of North central and north eastern zone. Dr. A. K. Singh,

Director, SRI, Pusa, Samastipur.

04 Years 2021
S. No. Project title Principal Investigator
1. Comparative Assessment of Aldor (30-00-05-7S) as an alternative to Urea in Rice-Wheat cropping system in North-West Alluvial Plains of Bihar Dr. S.P. Singh, Asstt. Professor, Soil Science, Pusa
2. Comparative Assessment of Aldor (30-00-05-7S) as an alternative to Urea in Maize based cropping system (Kharif and winter maize) in North-West Alluvial Plains of Bihar Dr. S.P. Singh, Asstt. Professor, Soil Science, Pusa
3. Enhancing biomass of silage maize through irrigation method, nitrogen, management and phenotyping in middle Gangetic plains Dr. Mritunajaya Kuamr, PD, CSF
4. Developing  Health and Nutri-Enterprises Dr. Usha Singh,

Prof., CC Sc., Pusa

5. Developing Bioforified Nutri-mix products targeted to address Acute Malnutrition in Bihar Dr. Usha Singh,

Prof., CC Sc., Pusa

6. Assessment study on Effect of Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Station on Crop, Litchi and Ground Water quality of surrounding area Dr. C.MUKHIM, Assistant Professor, Horticulture, RPCAU, Pusa