Research Projects

Research Projects in Operation

ICAR Research Projects

S.No. Name of the Project Principal Investigator
1. A.I.C.R.P. on Honeybee & Pollinators Dr. Manoj Kumar,
2. A.I.C.R.P. on  Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Betelvine Dr. Dinesh Rai,
3. A.I.C.R.P. on Soil Testing Response Correlation (STCR) Dr. Mukesh Kumar,
4. A.I.C.R.P. on Micro & Secondary Nutrients & Pollutant Elements in Soils & Plants (MNS) Dr. Ranjan Laik,
5. A.I.C.R.P. on Rice Improvement Dr. A. K. Misra,
6. A.I.C.R.P. on Agroforestry Dr. D.K. Das,
7. A.I.C.R.P. on Agro-Meteorology Dr. Abdus Sattar,
8. A.I.C.R.P. on Irrigation Water Management Dr. S. K. Jain,
9. A.I.C.R.P. on Fruits Dr. S. K. Singh,
10. A.I.C.R.P. on Floriculture Dr. A.K. Singh,
11. A.I.C.R.P. on Vegetable crops Dr. Udit Kumar,
12. A.I.C.R.P. on Sugarcane Dr. S.K. Thakur,
13. A.I.C.R.P. on  Post Harvest Technology Dr. P.D. Sharma,
14. A.I.C.R.P. on Farm Implements & Machinery (FIM) Dr. P. K. Pranav,
15. AINP Biofertilizer Dr. M. N. Jha,
16. A.I.C.R.P. on Mushroom Dr. Daya Ram,
17. A.I.C.R.P. on Breeder Seed Production Dr. Rajesh Kumar,
18. A.I.C.R.P. on Seed Technology Research Dr. Rajesh Kumar,
19. A.I.C.R.P. on Spices Dr. A. K. Mishra,
20. A.I.C.R.P. on Potato Dr. L.M. Yadav,
21. A.I.C.R.P. on Small Millet Dr.S. K. Singh,
22. A.I.C.R.P. on Rapeeed & Mustard Dr. Anil Pandey,
23. A.I.C.R.P. on Tuber Crop other than Potato Dr. Ashish Narayan,
24. A.I.C.R.P. on Maize Dr. Anil Pandey,
25. A.I.C.R.P. on  Pigeonpea Dr. S. B. Mishra,
26. A.I.C.R.P. on Chickpea Dr. S. B. Mishra,
27. A.I.C.R.P. on MULLaRP Dr. S. B. Mishra,
28. A.I.C.R.P. on Wheat (Voluntary Centre) Dr. D. K. Roy
29. A.I.C.R.P. on Linseed (Voluntary Centre) Dr. Anil Pandey
30. A.I.C.R.P. on Sesamum (Voluntary Centre) Dr. Anil Pandey
31. A.I.C.R.P. on Soyabean (Voluntary Centre) Dr. Anil Pandey
32. A.I.C.R.P. on MULLaRP-Nematodes (Voluntary Centre) Dr. K. N. Pathak
33. AICRP on Nematodes in Agriculture Dr. Nishi Keshari,
34. A.I.C.R.P. on Home Science Dr. Meera Singh
35. A.I.C.R.P. on Forage Crops Dr. Nilanjaya,
36 Structural Transformation, Regional Disparity and Institutional Reforms in Agriculture Dr. D. K. Sinha

Projects Funded by International Organizations

S.No. Name of the project Year of Start Name of P.I. Sponsoring Agency
 1. Development of heat tolerant high yielding & climate-resilent wheat cultivars by utilizing genomics, molecular and physiological information and resources 2016 Dr. Rajeev Kumar, USAID
2. Scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) through Mainstreaming Climate Smart Villages (CSVs) in Bihar 2019 Er. Dinesh Rajak, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign (UIUC), USA from ADM Institute
3. Haplo-GS (Superior hapotype based Genomic selection) based precision breeding for enhanced genetic gain in rice for Eastern India. 2019 Dr. N. K. Singh, IRRI
4. Management of Acute Malnutrition through Food Based approach 2018 Dr. Usha Singh UNICEF
5. Improvement in Health and Nutrition among infants, children adolescents and at risk mothers through diversification in diet by establishing centre for improvement of Diets in Bihar 2018 Dr. Usha Singh UNICEF

Projects Sponsored by Govt. of India

S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I. Year of Start
1. National Horticulture Mission (CCS, Spices)  Dr. S. P. Singh  2001
2. Forecasting Agricultural Output using  Space, Agrometeorology and Land Based Observation (FASAL) Dr. Abdus Sattar
3. Agro-meteorology Advisory Services Dr. Abdus Sattar
4. National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture. Dr. Abdus Sattar
5. Detection of allele other than sub-1 for submergence tolerance in mutant lines of rice using SSR molecular markers. Dr. Rajesh Kumar,
6. Improvement of mungbean (Vigna radiate L.) Wilczek in resistance to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus (MYMV) Dr. Sangita Sahni, 2016
7. (i) Improvement/ Development of poultry farm at APRI, Pusa into a model instructional poultry unit.
(ii) Establishment of Regional Centre of Excellance for Indegenous Breed (CoEIB).
Dr. Pramod Kumar, 2019
8. Establishment of Indegenous Cattle Conservation and Improvement Centre at Madhopur under Rashtriya Gokul Mission. Dr. R. K. Ashthana, 2019

Projects Funded by Govt. of Bihar

S. No. Project Title Principal Investigator
1. State Co-ordinated Varietal Testing under quality seed production in Bihar Dr. N. K. Singh,
2. Farm Implements Testing Centre (RKVY) Er. Manoranjan Kumar,
3. Establishment of High Quality Vegetable Sedling Production Technology under protected conditions at Piprakothi (East Champaran) under NHB Dr. Udit Kumar,
4. Development of 15 units of Small Nursery (1 ha.) under NHM Dr. Udit Kumar,
5. Promotion of Home Based Nutritional Therapy & Care-Process to combat Sever Acute Malnutrition in Children under 5 years of age at Sitamarhi Dr. Usha Singh

University Funded Research Projects

S.No. Name of the project Name of P.I. Year of Start Project Duration
1 i.Development of floating Solar Photovoltaic Pumping System for irrigation to diara/ dhab lands of Bihar

ii.Design and development of portable irrigation system cum sprayer for the small and marginal farmers

Dr. S. K. Jain,
2017 3 years
2 1. Design and evaluation of drainage cum recharge structure under north Bihar condition

2. Development of Automated Surface Irrigation Outlet

Dr. Ravish Chadra,





2 years

3 Effect of enzyme pretreatment on Eco-friendly natural dyeing Dr. Sangita Deo,
2017 3 yrs
4 Effect of irrigation and nutrient management practices on the performance of different maize based inter croppings Dr. Mritunjay Kumar,
2017 3 yrs
5 Formulation and evaluation of liquid inoculants on pulse productivity and soil health Dr. Geeta Kumari,
2017 3 yrs
6 Impact of organic farming on soil carbon sequestration, soil health and sugarcane productivity in calcareous soil of Bihar Dr. S. K. Thakur,
 2016  3 years
7 Improving input use efficiency in rice production Dr. S. K. Choudhary,
2016  3 years
8 Exogenous application of plant growth regulators & antioxidants to improve the terminal heats tolerance of wheat cultivars grown in Bihar Dr. Shailesh Kumar  2016  3 years
9 Selection & promotion of Trichodermafor crop improvement under sustainable agriculture Dr. Dinesh Rai,
2017 3 years
10 Evaluation of microbial consortium on seed germination, plant growth promoting attributes & biocontrol potential against important diseases of mungbean Dr. Sangita Sahni,
2017 3 years
11 Participatory action research for enhancing productivity through vermicompost technology dissemination of field and horticultural crops in North Bihar Dr. Satya Prakash,
2017 3 years
12 Development of hybrid rice for Bihar Dr. V. K. Sharma,
2017 3 years
13 (i) Study on culture and propagation technique of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium dayanum (Henderson)

(ii) Popularization of giant freshwater prawn Machrobrachium rosenbergii (de man) farming

Dr. Poonam Prakash,







3 years

14 Population dynamics and biomanagement of mycophagus nematodes of mushroom by Fictocomposticloa and its culturing and survival studies Dr. Nishi Keshari

2017 3 years
15 Development of self reliant banana farming module for Bihar Dr. S. K. Singh

2017 3 years
16 Boron fertilization 0n yield and quality of sugarcane plant-ratoon system in calcareous soils of Bihar Dr. C. K. Jha,
2018 4 years
17 Studies on rice-wheat cropping system under changing climatic scenario Dr. N. K. Singh

2017 3 years
18 4.      University campus waste management strategies Dr. Shankar Jha

2017 3 years
19 Sustainable Cropping and Waste Land Development Plan for Birauli Farm ( KVK & HRS) Dr. Ravinda Kumar Tiwari,

2018 2 years
20 Male migration in rural north Bihar and its impact on women empowerment Dr. Poonam Kumari

2018 2 years
21 Empowering under privileged community  through multiple approaches: Dr. Arti Sinha

Director, Planning

2018 2 years
22 Development of Dhab area for enhancing livlihood through Agricultural Intervention. Dr. P. P. Singh

Director, Seed & Farms

2018 2 years
23 Nutritional Evaluation of Litchi Seed Meal

in  the Diet of Labeo rohita fingerlings

5.      Dr. Shivendra Kumar

2018 2 years
24       Domestication and Induced Breeding of   Indian Spiny Eel/ Gainch Mastacembelus acculeatus Dr. S. C. Rai

Dean, COF

2018 2 years
25 Exploration/livelihood through mechanized processing of bamboo for rural entrepreneurship in Bihar Dr. M. S. Ali



2 years
26 Formulation of Microbial consortia for Biological treatment of waste water Dr. Devendra Singh, 2019 2 years
27 Development of Low Cost technology for Turmeric Processing Er. Anupam Amitabh, 2019 2 years
28 Preparation of microbial consortia and its application in compost formation for button mushroom production Dr. K. R. Meena, 2019 2 years
29 Preparation of fish cookies from the locally available fish species in Bihar. Dr. Tanushree Ghorai,
2019 2 years
30 Identification and characterization of transporter gene families involved in mineral fortification in Oryza sativa. Ms. Sarita Kumari, 2019 3 years
31 Molecular characterization of sugarcane varieties released from SRI, Pusa Dr. Ashutosh Singh, 2019 3 years
32 Development of Vitamin-Mineral mixture for inclusion in aquaculture diets. Dr. Ankur Jamwal, 2019 2 years
33 Bycatch, Maincatch, Fishing efficiency and CPUS analysis of fishing gears of river Burhi Gandak, Bihar Mr. Anirudh Kumar, 2019 2 years
34 Weaning stritagies with different live feed on growth and survival of Clarius magur larvae. Mr. Pravesh Kumar, 2019 3 years
35 Effect of Bio-regulators on growth, yield and quality of different photoperiodic cultivars of strawberry in Bihar. Ms. Jyotsna Rani Pradhan, 2019 3 years
36 Investigation on fish health and diseases in freshwater aquaculture farms in North bihar. Dr. Sujit Kumar Nayak, 2019 2 years
37 Validation of grow out techniques and seed production of Amer carp, Cyprinus carpio haeatopterus (Hamilton) in the ponds of North Bihar, India. Dr. Adita Sharma, 2019 3 years
38 Assessing phytochemical composition of pummelo and underutilized fruit crop and its suitability for making value-added products. Dr. Hemlata Singh, 2019 2 years
38 Development of realtime soil Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash (NPK) sensor. Dr. S. K. Patel, 2019 2 years
39 Development of digital display of depth of operation on Tractor’s Dashboard. Dr. P. K. Pranav, 2019 1 years
40 Evaluation and characterization of minor crops – little millet (Panicum sumatrense) as an example. Ms. Kumari Anjani, 2019 3 years
41 Development of double row manual vegetable transplanter for small land holds. Ms. Jaya Sinha, 2019 1 years
42 Assessment of different genotypes of horticultural crops of Samastipur, Muzaffarpur region, Bihar for their post harvest quality and processing attributes. Dr. K. Prasad, 2019 2 years
43 Collection, conservation, evaluation and maintenance of different turfgrass genotypes, species and accessions for different abiotic stress conditions. Ms. Roshni Agnihotri, 2019 3 years
44 Dissipation and persistence of different pesticides in brinjal, okra and tomato. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sahoo, 2019 3 years
45 molecular characterization of important insects and pests of brinjal and okra crop in Bihar Dr. M.S. Sai Reddy, 2019 3 years
46 Mutation breeding of Sunflower (Hallanthus annuus) for biotic and abiotic stress resistance and yield attributing traits. Mr. K. L. Bhutia, 2019 3 years
47 Isolation and characterization of essential oils from leaves of different varieties of Curcuma longa cultivated in Bihar. Dr. Teikur Majaw, 2019 2 years
48 Identification of packaging material and seed treatment for soybean seed storability. Mr. Hrishikesh Sutradhar, 2019 2 years
49 Extraction of fibrer from banana plant and analysis of their properties for utilization Ms. Gayatri, 2019 2 years
50 Standardization of time and method of propagation of guava through different vegetative methods under different growing environments. Neeharika kanth, 2019 3 years
51 Impact of Bihar Krishi Road Map on livelihood promotion of the farmers and extent of linkage among collaborative departments. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal, 2019 3 years
52 Evaluation of Moringa olifera Lam for green fodder production in Bihar Dr. Soibam Lanabir Singh, 2019 2 years
53 Diversification of rice based cropping system through climate resilent cropping in upland situation of Bihar Sri. Kaushal Kishore 2019 3 years
54 Introduction to Permaculture in dhab area for sustainable livelihood. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Meena,
2019 5 years
55 Development of Pedotransfer functions (PTF) to characterize soil physical quality indicators for different soil and crop management practices. Mr. Vikash Kumar Rai,
2019 2 years
56 Faunal diversity and standardization of breeding techniques of selected ornamental fish species, North Bihar india. Mr. Roshan Kumar Ram,
2019 3 years
57 Demonstration on vegetable cultivation under drip-fertigation. Dr. Udit Kumar,
2019 3 years
58 Establishment and development of Biodiversity Park for Conservation of Native Flora and Fauna of Bihar Dr. R. K. Jha 2018 3 years
59 Evaluation of bamboo plantation in river side (dhab) land for improved production, processing & utilization for better livelihood of Bihar farmers. Dr. D. K. Das 2018 5 years
S. No. Project title Principal Investigator
1. Assessment of polyhalite-a multinutrient fertilizer on soil fertility and productivity of Rice-Wheat Cropping System in North-West alluvial plains of Bihar. Dr. S. P. Singh
2. Scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture through mainstreaming Climate Smart Village in Bihar. (NABARD) Dr. R. K. Jha