Department of Entomology


The history of entomology at Pusa dates back to 1905, the period of Sir Maxwel  Lefroy, the Imperial Entomologist at Imperial Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa who contributed to the monumental research work conducted in the region which took shape in his historical publication  – The Indian Insect life.

The department of Entomology was established mainly to teach entomology to undergraduate students. Since inception of  the University, it became a separate unit in the Faculty of Agriculture at Pusa Campus of  Rajendra Agricultural University with an  objective of achieving excellence in teaching entomology to postgraduate students, conducting problem oriented research on insect pests of agricultural importance, and extending latest technology development to  farmers.
The department has a strong presence in research in the area  of economic entomology, insect ecology, biological control, acarology, soil biota and insecticide toxicology having a state of the art pesticide residue laboratory equipped with GC, HPLC and other sophisticated analytical instruments. The apiculture unit is housed independently and is equipped with modern  research facilities. The faculty is highly qualified, made available from the under graduate unit at Tirhut College of Agriculture, Dholi and Sugarcane Research Institute, Pusa contributing their might to teaching and research capabilities thus, strengthening the overall human resources available in the department.
Major achievements of the department have been in the field of developing highly skilled personnel placed in reputed institutions, state department of agriculture and public sector undertakings, through striking a balance in pursuing both the basic and applied aspects of entomology. The technologies developed by the department are being regularly transferred to the farmers by the university.



Univ. Apiary

PG Laboratory

Bio-control Lab.

Faculty Strength

Name & Designation Specialization Contact No. E-mail
Dr. A.K. Misra

Professor & Head

Economic Entomology 9973576646


Dr. P.P. Singh


Economic Entomology 8969687676

Dr. A.K. Rai


Bio control & Ecology 9470832977


Dr. U. Mukherjee


Insecticide Toxicology 8986039867
Dr. S.P.N. Singh

Associate Professor

Economic Entomology 6206321317


Dr. (Mrs) Puspa Singh

Associate Professor

Acarology &Insecticide Toxicology 9430560507, 7319653080
Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Associate Professor

Economic Entomology  and Apiculture 7004870398
Dr. S.K. Sahoo

Associate Professor

Pesticide Residue Analysis 9872655270
Dr. Rabindra Prasad

Assistant Professor

Economic Entomology  and Apiculture





Dr. Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor

Bio control, Economic Entomology & Sugarcane Entomology 9304734003
Dr. Tanweer Alam

Assistant Professor

Economic Entomology 9955982521
Dr. M.K. Singh

Assistant Professor

Horticultural Entomology 9430557567


Dr.  Manoj Kumar

Assistant Professor

Economic Entomology 9162736466
Dr. Md. Abbas Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Pulse, Rice Entomology and Host Plant Resistance 9470021983
Dr. Nagendra Kumar

Assistant Professor

Economic Entomology, Apiculture and Medicinal and Aromatic plant.




Dr. M.S. Sai Reddy

Assistant Professor

Molecular Entomology 9346625239


Mr G.S. Giri

Assistant Professor

Pest Management and Apiculture 9658228227


Research Projects

AIRCP on Honey bee