Department of Extension Education

About the Department

The teaching and research in extension, for the first time in India, started at Bihar Agricultural College, Sabour (Bhagalpur); then affiliated to Bihar University in the year 1955. Hence, the state of Bihar has got the distinction to start first Post Graduate Department of Extension Education.The thesis started to come out in the year 1957 and gradually, the discipline has spread in various parts of the country in due course of time. The Ph.D. programme by course work has started in discipline under the University in the year 1979. Many of the alumni of this department have played key role as the leader in developing new academic institutions as well as field extension services. They have occupied high position and earned good reputation in the country and abroad.

During the period altogether 317 researches have admitted in M.Sc. & Ph.D. Out of which 292 have submitted for award of M.Sc. (Ag) & Ph.D. degree. Apart from that the department has been helping other departments and faculties.

Further, Rajendra Agricultural University was converted into Central Agricultural University by an ordinance of the President of India w.e.f. 7th Oct. 2016 and it was named as Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur (Bihar). Department is also helping in teaching and research activities of the other department of Faculty of Agriculture viz. CBS&H, Agricultural Engineering, College of Community Science, Family Resource Management ,Fisheries and B.Sc. Agriculture etc.

Vision: To create a culture of creativity & innovation for enhancing the quality students & rural lives.

Mandate: Teaching, Research & Extension

Objectives/Goals: To bring rural transformation that can help in fostering agrarian prosperity

Degrees Offered

S. No. Degree Offered Subject/ Discipline No. of Seats Eligibility Qualifications
i M. Sc. (Ag) Extension Education 10+02* B.Sc. or B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture/Horticulture/Forestry/ Sericulture
ii Ph.D. Extension Education 02+01* M.Sc. (Ag.) Extension Education/Extension/ Education/ Communication / Dairy Extension / Fisheries Extension

Facilities and Infrastructure

Laboratories: 2 Class rooms: 2; The department has two laboratories viz., 

a) In Audio-Visual Lab there are aids, those devices which are used in classrooms to encourage teaching learning process. Open-Sankoré open-source interactive whiteboard software compatible with projector and pointing device is used for teaching.

b) In Multi-media Lab Digital camera, video editing software are installed.


Faculty Awards and honours:

Year Details
  • Young Scientist Award to Dr. Satya Prakash by Society of Human Resource and innovation Agra (U.P.)
  • Young Scientist Award to Dr. Satya Prakash by Indian Society of Extension Education , New Delhi
  • Certificate of Excellence Award ‘Writing for research’ to Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal by Elsevier Researcher Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands




  • Established Teacher Award in Extension Education to Dr. Satya Prakash by Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology Deemed University, Meerut
  • First best oral presentation award’ to Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal at National Webinar 4-5 July, 2020 at Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur.
  • Certificate of Excellence Award ‘Book writing’ to Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal by Elsevier Researcher Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Ph.D. best thesis Award-2020 to Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal by Agricultural & Environmental Technology Development Society (AETDS), U.S. Nagar, India

Research activities

External projects  
1. Dr. Satya Prakash as Co-PI NAIP Project entitled “Sustainable Livelihood Improvement through Need Based Integrated Farming System Models in disadvantaged District of Bihar” Centrally Sponsored, Govt. of India
2. Dr. Satya Prakash as Co-PI Impact Assessment of MANREGA Government of Bihar
3. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as Co-PI, Climate Resilient Agriculture Programme (CRAP) Government of Bihar
4. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as Co-PI, AICRP on Women in Agriculture Govt. of     India, ICAR, CIWA, Bhubneshwar
5. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as Nodal officer in NAHEP Nodal Officer for e-Learning ICAR & World Bank
6. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as Nodal officer in NAHEP Nodal Officer for Grievance Redressal Mechanism ICAR & World Bank
Institutional projects:
1. Dr. Bineeta Satpathy as P. I Impact Assessment of Technologies developed by RPCAU for income and employment generation University funded project
2. Dr Bineeta Satpathy as CoPI, Impact Assessment of COVID-19 pandemic on supply chain of vegetables in Bihar University funded project
3. Dr. Satya Prakash as PI, Participatory Action Research for enhancing productivity through vermin-compost technology dissemination of field and horticultural crops in North Bihar University funded project
4. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as PI, Impact of Krishi Road Map on livelihood promotion of the farmers and extent of linkage among collaborative departments University funded project
5. Dr. Satya Prakash as Co-PI, Study on employment opportunity for labour force in North Bihar after outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) University funded project
6. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as PI,  Situational analysis of reverse migrants during COVID-19 and their rehabilitation strategies University funded project
7. Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal as Associate Scientist at Centre for Startup Facilitation (CSF)


Text Books:

  • (ISBN 978-3-659-89356-8) – 2016: LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
  • (ISBN 978-3-659-96772-6) – 2018: LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
  • (ISBN 978-613-9-88445-2) -2018: LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
  • (ISBN978-613-9-87876-5) -2018: LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
  • (ISBN 978-620-0-11840-0) -2019: LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
  • Agricultural Extension : Techniques and Application(ISBN978-81-7622-380-5) Biotech Books Publishing, New Delhi(India)-2016
  • Dimensions of Agricultural Science : Kalyani Publishers (ISBN: 978-93-272-8337-2) Page No. 308-315 Year- 2018
  • Role of Women in Information Communication Technology: Sonali Publication, New Delhi (ISBN: 978-81-8411-649-6) Page No. 59-66:Year- 2018
  • Economical empowerment of rural women involved in mithila painting Volume-2 Section-5 ,Page no.163-165 Year-2018 (ISBN: 978-81-935728-2-5) Published by Oura Prakashan & Book Distributors Pvt. Ltd

Extension Activities:

  • Workshop organized on Overcoming Technological Gap in OilSeeds & Pulses in Bihar at BAMETI, Patna during 08.09.2008 to 10.09.2008
  • Workshop organized on Overcoming Technological Gap in Maize in Bihar at BAMETI, Patna during 29/11/2008 to 01/12/2008
  • Workshop organized on Overcoming Technological Gap in Human Resource Development (HRD) for Agricultural Extension Management in Bihar at BAMETI, Patna during 21/12/2008 to 23/12/2008.
  • Training organized on Kisan Gosthi in Kisan Mela collaboration with State Govt. at Darbhanga during 07/11/2009 to 07/11/2009
  • Orientation course organized on Faculty Development Programme at RPCAU, Pusa during 16/01/2017 to 06/02/2017
  • Seminar cum workshop organized on International Yoga Day at RPCAU, Pusa during 21/06/2019 to 21/06/2019
  • Hands-on training given in Multi-media Lab by Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal to extensional professional organized by Extension Education Institute; Nilokheri, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India.
  • Conducted 4 days training programme as the course instructor and associated scientist under All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) Extension (Women in Agriculture) from 29-1-2021 to 1-2-2021 on Digital Literacy of Farm Women for Entrepreneurship Promotion (उद्यमिता संवर्धन के लिए कृषिरत-महिलाओं की डिजिटल साक्षरता).
    Training of farm women on Digital literacy under AICRP Farm women doing practice exercise on Digital media
Name Designation Contact No. E-mail Id
Dr. Bineeta Satpathy Associate Professor & Head 7978505027

Dr. Satya Prakash Assistant Professor 6207647397
Dr. Sudhanand Prasad Lal Assistant Professor 7876890810