Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics


Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics was established since inception of university with major thrust area to develop high yielding, disease resistant varieties of cereal, pulse, oilseed and other crops with better grain quality. Once the variety is released, its popularization and adoption among the farmers is the most important things for which the department conducts FLDs, organize Kisan Mela and our Scientists deliver lecture on their concerned crop and Subject on TV & Radio.



  • All India crop improvement on Rice Maize oil Seed crops, Pulse crops and Millet crop.
  • Eastern India Shuttle Breeding Project on Rice.
  • DBT India-IRRI network project From QTL to variety: marker assisted Breeding of Abiotic Stress tolerant rice varieties with Major QTLs for drought, submergence and Salt tolerance.
  • International Rainfed Rice Agriculture System (IRRAS) on drought and submergence.
  • Detection of Allele other than Sub-1 for submergence tolerance in Mutant lines of rice using SSR molecular Markers (BERN).
  • Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) Project.
  • Development of Aerobic Rice for sustainable rice production in Bihar under RKVY.

Crop Varieties Released

With the efforts of the scientists of the department, a number  of varieties of different crops have been released and made popular among the farmers. Some of them are:

Crop Varieties Released
Rice Turant dhan (70d) Prabhat (95d) Saket (105) Rajendra Bhagwati (115a) Rajendra Kasturi (125d) Rajendra Suwasini (145d) Rajendra Mahsuri (145d) Sudha and Vaidehi.
Maize Laxmi, Deoki, Suwan (Crop) Shaktiman 1,2,3,4 and 5
Oil Seed Rajendra Suflam, Ageti
Arhar Sharad, Bahar, Basant
Gram RAU-52, SG-2, SG-4, BR-78
Masoor Arun
Urd Naveen


MoU with Private Company

For popularization and dissemination of newly released variety of Rice and Maize, MoU has been signed with private Companies.

Rice: Rajendra Bhagwati

  • Ankur Seed Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur
  • Delta Agri Genetics Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad

Maize: Shaktiman 1,2,3,4 and 5

  • Ankur Seed Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur (Shaktiman 3&5)
  • Delata Agri Genetics Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad (Shaktiman 2&4)
  • Sahkari Sahyog Samiti, Jaipur (Shaktiman 3)
  • GV Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad (Shaktiman 4)


S. No. Name Designation Contact No. E-mail Id
1. Dr. N. K. Singh Professor & Head 9431834065
2. Dr. Anil Pandey Professor 9934019564
3. Dr. S. B. Mishra Professor 9430937328
4. Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Senior Scientist 9835012154
5. Dr. Nilanjaya Assistant Professor 9801400108
6. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Associate Professor 8809435010
7. Dr. S. K. Singh Associate Professor 9431790120
8. Dr. Ajay Kumar Scientist 9430459955
9. Dr. D. N. Kamat Scientist 9801454742
10. Dr. Ashish Narayan Scientist 9430259391
11. Dr. Balwant Kumar Scientist 9430859737
12. Dr. U. K. Singh Scientist 9931956795
13. Mrs. Madhuri Arya Scientist 8004492415
14. Mr. Aman Tigga Assistant Professor 7992380388
15. Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 7579440916
16. Dr. Hrishikesh Sutradhar Assistant Professor 8416089340