• Molecular Biology Lab.-1 equipped with :  QIAxcel/ Thermo cycler/ Gel Documentation Unit/ Cooling Centrifuge/ ELISA reader/ Electrophoretic unit (vertical & Horizontal)/ Deep Freezer -80°C/ Deep Freezer -20°C/ Magnetic Stirrer/ Gel drier/ Digital balance/ Vortex/ UV-Trans illuminator/ UV-Torch/ Ice flaker/ Rocker (shaker)/ Micropipette/ Millipore water purification unit etc.
  • Molecular Biology Lab.-2 equipped with :  Gel documentation unit/ UV-Spectrophotometer/ Refrigerated centrifuge/ Deep freezer (-80°C)/ Vortex/ shaker/ Agitator/ Micro-pipette etc.
  • Genetic Transformation Lab. equipped with:  Gene Gun/ Bioanalyzer/ Thermocycler/ Gel Documentation Unit/ Electrophoretic Unit/ UV Spectrophotometer/ Ice Flaker/ Laminar air flow/ Deep Freezer -80°C/ Deep Freezer -20°C/ Vortex/ Micro Pipette etc.
  • Biochemical Genetics Lab. equipped with:  Thermocycler / Orbital shaking incubator / UV-VIS Spectrophotometer/ Spectro-colorimeter/ Deep freezer/ Refrigerated centrifuge/ Gel Dryer/ Electrophoretic Unit / Conductivity meter/ De-ionizer etc.
  •  Plant Tissue Culture Lab. equipped with:  Laminar air flow/ Magnetic stirrer/ Millipore water purification unit/ Temperature control unit / Photoperiodic timer/ Air purifier etc.
  • Bio-imaging Lab. equipped with: fluorescent microcscope with cytovision workstation, inverted microscope with micro-manipulator, stereoscopic microscope, fluorescent microscope with micro-photography attachment, binocular microscope with camera, etc.
  • Soil Microbiology Lab.
    equipped with:Gas Chromatograph (Micro-process based), Lyophilizer, Florescent Microscope with Image analysis system, Hydrogen Generator, Environmental Shaker, High Speed Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Rotary Shaker, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, B.O.D., Bacteriological Incubator, Laminar Flow  etc.
  • Soil Test Crop Response (STCR) Lab. equipped with:-Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Semi Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer, Scanning Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Water Purification System, Environmental Shaker, Rotary Shaker, Horizontal Shaker etc.
  • Soil Physics Lab. equipped with:-Guelph Permeameter, Yodler’s apperatus, Hot Air Oven, pH meter, Porometer, Soil Moisture meter etc.
  • Instrumentation Lab. equipped with:-Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with Graphite furnace/ Hydride generator/ CHN analyzer/ Centrifuge/ pH meter etc.
  • Micronutrient Lab. equipped with:-pH meter/ PC based UV visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer/ Flame Photometer/ Millipore Water Purification System etc.
  • Computer Laboratories:  Well equipped computer laboratories with all the required computer hardware and software and internet access are available for the students.
  • Farm Machinery Laboratory: The Farm Machinery laboratory of the college is well equipped with modern energy-efficient farm machines like combine harvester, reapers, reaper binder, bed planting machine, rice-transplanter, drum seeder, Zero till drill, Straw harvester and all kinds of machines required for different farm operations.
  • Farm Power Lab.: This lab has facility for exposing the students to tractors, engines and their systems.  The lab contains cut sections and models for various tractors and engine and their system such as crank arrangement, valve system, lubrication system, fuel system, gear system, hydraulic system etc.
  • Energy Park: An Energy Park, in collaboration with the Ministry of New Energy sources, Govt. of India has been established at the college with the objectives to demonstrate and provide technical know-how to the local people and students about renewable energy gadgets.
  • Material Testing Lab: This lab is well equipped with equipment like – Universal Testing Machine, Fatigue, Impact, Torsion & Hardness testing machines to evaluate the strength & properties of different materials.
  • Soil Mechanics Lab: Soil mechanics lab is one of the oldest lab of the College of Agricultural Engineering.  This lab is essential as soil possess a variety of physical properties most of which are not constant.  Soil mechanics lab is well equipped with all equipments required for identification and classification of soils.
  • Theory of Machines Lab: The lab is equipped with working models of Gyroscope, Governors, Creep Testing, Gear Train, Vibration apparatus, Cam Apparatus etc.
  • Processing and Food Engineering Lab: This laboratory is well equipped with various kinds of modern equipments for the training of UG and PG students. Some of the equipments are Hunter Colour Lab, Textural Analyzer, Fruit Grader etc.
  • Irrigation Laboratory: A laboratory with models of almost all the irrigation, drainage, sewage disposal structures  provides a means for effective training of the students.
  • Hydraulics Lab: It is one of the important labs for UG and PG practicals.  This lab is well equipped with a number of experimental setups for understanding the theory of hydraulics.
  • Wells and Pumps Lab: This laboratory is one of the oldest lab of the college.  Different parts of pumps and cut models of different pumps are displayed for practicals.
  • Workshop:  well equipped with latest hand and machine tools like lathe, Drilling machine, Milling machine, shaper, grinder etc.
  • Ecology Laboratory
  • Pesticide Residue Lab.
  • Bio-control Lab.
  • Apparel Designing & Construction Lab.
  • Fibre Testing Lab.
  • Craft Lab.
  • Ergonomics  & Furnishing Lab.
  • Equipment Testing Lab.
  • Nursery School Laboratory
  • Psychology Testing Laboratory
  • Food Laboratory
  • Nutrition Laboratory
  • Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

University Guest House

Kisan Ghar

Ikh Bhawan

  • University library with a collection of over 70000 documents, national and international journals, free access to online journals, CD ROM database.
  • Free medical facility through University Hospital for the students and staff
  • Separate Hostels of Boys and Girls with high speed Wi-Fi internet access
  • High Speed Internet access to staff and students
  • State of the art Auditorium for scientific gatherings and cultural programmes
  • Smart Class Rooms with latest digital podiums
  • Sports and Extra-curricular Activities
  • Series of Poly-houses for various horticultural activities
  • Dairy and Poultry Farms


Smart Class Room

Vidyapati Auditorium

Hi-tech Polyhouses

Hi-tech Horticulture