Profile of Anupam Amitabh

Anupam Amitabh
Assistant Professor
Processing and Food Engineering

  • M.Tech.  in Processing and Food Engineering – Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur
  • B.Tech. (Distinction with University Gold Medal) in Agricultural Engineering– Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural Uuniversity, Pusa
  • Research Area– Processing and Food Engineering
  • Research interest– Design of process equipment, Process Optimization,Post-harvest handling, packaging and storage of horticultural crops
  • Kumar, V., Jain, S.K., Amitabh, A., Chavan, S. M. (2021). Effect of ohmic heating on physicochemical, bioactive compounds, and shelf life of watermelon flesh‐rind drinks, Journal of Food Process Engineering. e13818.
  • Kumari, A., Kumar, M., Kumar, A. and Amitabh, A. (2020). Daily gauge-discharge estimation using ANN and wavelet-ANN models for Muri station, Jharkhand. Indian Journal of Ecology. 47 (3), 645-649.
  • Amitabh, A., Jain, S.K. and Kumar, V. (2019). Optimization of process variables of continuous type ohmic heating for milk pasteurization. Indian Journal of Dairy Science. 72 (2):167-175.
  • Amitabh, A., and Kumar, V. (2017). Optimization of OH of whey based drink using response surface methodology. Journal of postharvest Technology.05 (1):55-71.

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