Profile of Dr. Balwant Kumar

Dr. Balwant Kumar
Assistant Professor –cum-Scientist
Department of Plant Breeding

  • B.Sc.(Ag)  Rajendra  Agricultural University Bihar, Pusa
  • M.Sc.(Ag) Plant Breeding,  Rajendra  Agricultural University Bihar, Pusa
  • Ph.D in  Plant Breeding,  Rajendra  Agricultural University Bihar, Pusa
  • Research Area: Varietal development of Stress tolerant sugarcane for high cane and sugar yield. Tissue culture in sugarcane.
  • Research Interests: 
    • Development of early maturing high yielder with high sugar content.
    • Resistant to biotic and abiotic stress.
    • Participatory Seed Production in sugarcane.
    • Plant raising through Bud chip or node cutter. Varietal screening for preparation of gur and juice. Exploration of germplasm of sugarcane, Introduction of noble cane and their utilizations for generation and development of noble cane through Hybridization & effective Clonal Selection in  Sugarcane  Breeding and its popularisation for beneficiaries.
    • Using Biotechnological tools for molecular characterisation of clones and Tissue culture in sugarcane for rapid multiplication.
  • Agrawal, R. K. and Kumar Balwant (2018) Characters association and their dissection through path analysis for cane and its component traits in sugarcane genotypes under water-logging condition.  International Journal of Chemical studies   6(4):2327-2244.
  • Ranjan Relisha, Kumar Balwant, Sharma Vijay and Patel Pushpam (2018) Association between different productive traits for high cane and sugar yield in early maturing sugarcane. .Journal of Pharmacognosy  and Phytochemistry 2018; 7(5): 289-295.
  • Kumar, P., Kumar, Balwant  and Chandra Khoosbu (2017) Study  of inter-relationship and cause-effect of yield and its attribute of sugarcane under waterlogging condition. The Bioscane an  International quality Journal of Life  Sciences 12(2) :1131-1135.
  • Neelofer Sara and  Kumar, Balwant(2017) Estimation of Variability in Red Rot Inoculated and Un- Inoculated Early Maturing Sugarcane Clones for Cane Yield and Juice Quality Traits. Int.J.Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci. 6(10): 2347-2359
  • Kumar, Balwant ,  Kamat, D.N. and Pandey  S.S.(2017)  CoP 112: An early maturing and high yielding sugarcane variety for commercial cultivation in Bihar.  Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology  32(02):      60-67.
  • Kumar, Balwant and Pandey  S.S.(2016)  Association between response indices, stability parameters and their comparison for stability of sugarcane genotypes. Journal of Sugarcane Research  6 (2) : 85-99
  • Kumar, Balwant., Kamat., D.N. and Pandey, S.S.(2016) CoP 09437’ -An   identified  sugarcane variety and a better option for high yielding under North Central and North Eastern Zones of India. Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology31(02): 50-54.
  • Kumar, Balwant., Kamat., D.N. and Pandey, S.S.(2015) CoP 2061”.- A released and notified midlate maturing sugarcane variety for Bihar, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Assam and West Bengal. Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology 30(02): 63-66.
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  • Sinha, S.K., Jha, C.K., Kumar, Balwant., Paswan, Sudhir., Alam, M. and Pandey, S.S.(2015) Screening of Sugarcane Genotypes for quality jiggery production and healthy life. Society for Recent Development in Agriculture. Pr.Agric. 15(2):263-267.

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