Dr. Suresh Kumar Verma

  • BSc.-Banaras Hindu University ( BHU)
  • MSc.-Banaras Hindu University ( BHU)
  • PhD. Kanpur University
  • Research Area– Agri-Horticultural Plant Genetic Resources Management
  • Research Interest–Horticultural Plant Genetic Resources Management

A total 257 publications published are Research papers (50), Books authored / edited /compiled (10), Book chapters (24), Popular articles (71), Abstracts (42), Invited papers presented (12), Extension bulletin (11), Research articles (11), News clippings (26)

Details of research papers

  • Trivedi, A. K., Verma,S. K, Tyagi, R. K. (2016). Variability in Morpho-physiological Traits and Antioxidant Potential of  Rubus species in Central Himalayan Region. Industrial Crops and Products. 82: 1 – 8.
  • Trivedi, A. K., Arya, L., Verma, M., Verma, S. K., Tyagi, R. K., Hemantaranjan, A. (2015). Genetic Variability in proso millet [Panicum miliaceum] germplasm of Central Himalayan Region based on morpho-physiological traits and molecular markers. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 37: 23. (DOI 10.1007/s11738-014-1770-y).
  • Raina, A.P., Verma,S. K., Abrahm,Z. 2014. Volatile constituents of essential oils isolated from Alpinia galanga Willd. (L.)  and A. officinarum Hance rhizomes from  North East India. The Journal of Essential Oil Research. DOI: 10.1080/10412905.2013.822430  .
  • Mehta, P.S., Ojha, S.N., Negi, K.S, Verma, S.K., Rayal, A. and Tyagi R.K. 2014. On Farm Status of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genetic resources in Garhwal Himalaya of Uttarakhand, India Genet. Resour. Crop Evol. 61 (7): 1279-1294.
  • Trivedi, A. K.; Arya, L.; Verma, S. K.; Tyagi, R.K., Hemantaranian, H. 2017. Evaluation of barnyard millet diversity in central Himalayan Region for environmental stress tolerance. J. of Agri. Sci. (155) 1497-1507. Doi.10.1017/ S0021859617000545.
  • Roy,S., Verma, S.K., Hore,D.K., Mishra,A.K., Rathi, R.S., Singh, S .K. 2011.  Agro-morphological diversity in turmeric (Curcuma longa) accessions collected from north-eastern India. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 10/2011;  81(10):898–902.
  • Verma, S. K., Singh, R.K and Arya, R.R. 2002. Variability and correlation studies in strawberry germplasm for quantitative traits. Indian J. Hort. 59(1): 39-43.
  • Verma, S. K., Pant, K. C. and Muneem, K. C. 1998. Evaluation of chillies germplasm.  Indian J. Pl. Genet. Resources11(2): 237 – 239.
  • Verma, S. K., Singh, R.K. and Arya, R.R. 2004. Estimates of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance in strawberry. J Appl.Hort. 5(2): 102-104.
  • Verma, S. K., Singh, R.K.and Arya, R.R. 2002. Preliinary evaluation of dahlia germplasm. Indian J of Hill Farming 15(2): 87-88.

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