Farm Machinery Testing Centre

RPCAU FMTC Background

The Farm Machinery Testing Center is running under the Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering, Dr. R.P.C.A.U, Pusa. This Center is one of the FMTCs approved by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India in the direction of ensuring supply of quality agricultural machinery and equipment to the farmers.
This centre will act as an important link between manufacturers and users of agricultural machines as well as other agencies responsible for the introduction and popularization of farm equipments. Two type of tests i.e. commercial and confidential will be carried at this centre. The commercial tests are aimed to verify declarations/claims of the manufacturer/applicant for performance characteristics of machines that are in or ready for commercial production. Confidential tests are carried out for providing confidential information on the performance of the machine, whether ready for commercial production or not or to provide any specific data that may be required by the manufacturer/applicant.

Why should the farm implements/ machinery be tested?

Objectives of the Centre

  1. To test agricultural machinery manufactured within the country or imported (as per list) with a view to assess their functional suitability and performance reliability so that it will help farmers and other prospective users in determining the comparative performance of machines available in market, provide materials to engineers and extension workers for guiding users in proper selection of equipment, form the basis for standard specification to be used by the manufacturers and distributors and help financial institutions in recommending financial assistance both to the manufacturers as well as farmers.
  2. To assist Bureau of Indian Standards in formulation of standards for testing of agricultural machines covered under the scope of Certification Marks Scheme.

Seniority of Applicant

  1. As soon as the testing of machinery comes under operation, applicants will be invited to submit their applications and sufficient time period (15 days) will be given to them. After that the seniority of applicants will be determined by draw of lots in the presence of applicants.
  2. Once the testing of machinery is opertionalized, the Seniority of the applicant will be determined from the date of submission of application. If two or more applicants are received on the same day, decision will be based on the receipt no.
  3. Any new implement/equipment recommended by Govt./Semi. Govt institution may be tested on priority basis at the discretion of the Testing Authority.
  4. However, the Controlling officer Testing center shall have full powers to make changes/relax in the above guidelines.

Test Code and Procedure

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has published Indian Standards on majority of agricultural machines/components being used in the country. Testing of machine is done as per relevant Indian Standards. In case, Indian Standard has not been formulated for any particular machine, test code and procedure matching the essential requirements of that machine will be prepared by the centre and the same will be adopted for testing purposes.

How to avail Testing Facility?

The applicant has to submit an application duly completed to the FMTC, CAE, DR.R.P.C.A.U, Pusa as per prescribed format. After receipt of application, the center fixes the priority and informs the applicant to deposit testing fee. Thereafter, applicant is asked to submit the test sample as per procedure to the testing authority for testing and evaluation. The testing fee has to be remitted by way of demand draft drawn in favour of the Controlling Officer Testing center. The testing fee can be revised from time to time. The testing fee will be in the favour of the Dean, CAE, Pusa payable at Punjab National Bank, IFS Code: PUNB0451200, Branch, RAU, Pusa. Application Form can be downloaded from the link below.

Contact Personnel

Testing Authority Er. Manoranjan Kumar,
+919431041987, Email:
Associated Scientist Er. Jaya Sinha,

+916206047381, Email:

Head, Department of Farm Machinery & Power Engineering


Dr.  S. K. Patel
+918780872275, Email:
Dean, College of Agricultural Engineering & Controlling Officer Dr. Ambrish Kumar,

06274-240270(o), +91 9411393779

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa, (Samastipur)- 848125 Bihar (India)